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As a system integrator we can integrate disparate hardware and software products into an effective systems solution. As an integrator, we willingly accept responsibility for the design, purchase, and implementation of technologies and services that not only satisfy your business objectives but also meet or exceed you budgetary requirements. You can be assured that the products and the supplying vendors we recommend will be best suited to your needs, as Integrated Support Services, Inc. has always been vendor independent.
We provide with the most experienced and talented system integrators in a full range of systems and network integration, LAN/WAN solutions, system specification, analysis, design, implementation, configuration, and administration on various platforms such as Windows, NT, NetWare, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, SCO, Linux, Open VMS, Sybase, Informix and many other software applications.
Sybase, IBM, Lotus, Novell, Tech Data
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