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If you are committed to growth and excellence, flexible and creative, thrive on challenge then work with us!

We are always looking for exceptional individuals who share our values, who thrive in a team environment, and who recognize the importance of accountability. People who consistently do what it takes, and more, to ensure our clients? success. If you are interested joining Integrated Support Services, Inc. then please send your resume to resume@integrated-support.com
We encourage our team members to learn and grow. With us, you can build and expand upon the business and technical skills you have developed as well as your core characteristics: leadership, commitment, flexibility, integrity, and creativity - just to name a few - during your career at Integrated Support Services, Inc..

Because how you learn and grow is unique to you, we have a variety of training programs - and ways to learn, from teaming people in mentoring relationships, to distance learning courses, computer based training, and self-paced courses - all geared to ensure that you have the right tools for your career success. Listed below are the Training Courses that are currently being offered to our Associates.

Networking Fundamentals: This course is an introduction to internetworking fundamentals, which helps students understand networking terminology and technologies. Included will be coverage of basic desktop networking models such as TCP/IP, Novell, and Microsoft.

Unix Operating Systems: This course is an introduction to Unix operating systems, which helps students understand different flavor of Unix operating systems. Included will be coverage of basic operating systems such as HP-UX, Sun Solaris, SCO, BSD, and Linux.

Database Fundamentals: This course is an introduction to Relational database management system (RDBMS). Included will be coverage of different database technologies such as Sybase, Oracle, Informix and Postgres.
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